Anne Cheek La Rose has been a textile artist for more than 40 years, with works in public and private collections around the world.   She is an actor, author of five books, and is an Inglewood, California Arts Commissioner.   
Since 2005, she has been actively photographing things that interest her: animals, objects, architecture, landscapes, flowers and even shadows, anything that catches her eye is fair game.   She calls herself a “Guerrilla” photographer, as her style is point-and-shoot.   One of her favorite photographs was an afterthought and captured in a quick turn-and-shoot moment.  Until later, Anne had no idea the photo was worthwhile.
Her photographs were private until a fellow artist asked to see photos to consider for a show she was curating.  One of the photographs was chosen by unanimous vote of the jurors for the “Les Petit Jardins” exhibit in Terminal One at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) in 2012. 
Anne has documented the Inglewood Public Art Collection for a brochure of art and historic sites that has since been expanded to include architecture.  It has also become the basis of an online tour of the public art, architecture, and historic sites highlights of Inglewood. 
Since then, she has exhibited some of her animal photographs in the gallery at the main Inglewood Public Library and other subjects at the District 2 Police Community Center.
She is exhibiting her photographs at the 9th annual Inglewood Open Studios in November 2015.  Anne opened her studio in 2010 for the 4th annual IOS show and exhibited painted and embroidered textiles and collage works.

Photo by Jeff Shaw
Anne likes to keep her photographs small.  They are more intimate and help the viewer recall a sense memory or a sweet moment. 
Everyone has space for a framed 4” x 6” or 5" x 7" print to hang or to place on a table or shelf. 
Art should be affordable.  It should be within everyone’s reach.
Please E-mail for pricing.
Note: Purchased images will not bear the copyright notice within the images seen here.